To be farmers is even harder today.We have been over this, but we gather it is important to point out how much work is behind any production.

In this way we can appreciate even more quality and efforts of anyone of the team.


This 2022 is a huge fight versus heating and drought climate.


To handle this extreme situation we have been adapting our vineyar.

So more leaves on the canopy in order to enhance vegetation vigor and to stimulate grapes production.


This work is fully manual and has us working around the clock.

In order to cretate a sort of big umbrella of leaves we do not use hedging and topping, but  we wraps vines shoots around the steel wires.

Fo example we avoid deleafing, but we remove some leaves closed to the clusters and we cut some of them only to mantain at optimum vegetal material efficiency.

Last but not least it is very important to work often soils and it is very useful for the proper umidity of Villa Saletta terroir.


At this stage 2022 looks very interesting in terms of quality and we are confident to have very good grapes closed to the harvest.


For the rest of the estate you can easily find out same criticism.

Even in the olive grooves we have stress from the warm temperature and we hope to meet as soon as possible water. Let’s finger crossed and waitfor some rains.


Poplar trees are growing fast and heating is more a problem for new plantation . that’s why we are sprayng water and use irrigation.

Also woodlands are awaiting for rainfalls and truffles as well.


Nevertheless We’ll never give up and we’ll go forward looking at huge work done during last years and big results achieved.


In the cellars we have finally done 2019 blends and we are closing last bottling .


Great awards for Chiave di Saletta and Saletta riccardi

We are thrilled to announce two great awards from Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, one of most prestigious and famous worldwide wine competition which once a year draw the attention of wine connossieurs from 46 Countries.

This year more than  300 critics tasted 8000 wines.

Only 7 wines are awarded with  Grand Gold Medal and Chiave di Saletta 2018 Toscana Rosso Igt, blend of 50% sangiovese, 20% cabernet franc, 20% cabernet sauvignon and 10% merlot is part of this selection.

Great result also for  Riccardi, 100% sangiovese with Gold Medal.

The route for the quality is hard, but  we are fullfilled and it is gonna begin very fun.

Chiave di Saletta 2018, Gran Gold Medal

Chiave di Saletta 2018, Gran Gold Medal

Saletta Riccardi 2018, Gold Medal

Saletta Riccardi 2018, Gold Medal

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