16th April 2024  //  News

Spring has been blooming!

In the vineyard everything is sprouting and the spectacle we can admire every day is amazing.

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11th March 2024  //  News


When compared to 2023, this 2024 is keeping us on our toes less: last year, in fact, rainfall was very scarce and temperatures quite high. Although the thermometer registers on average several degrees higher than in the past, the amount of rain that has fallen these days is allowing plants to develop as best they can and to live with a climate that is not exactly winter-like.

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7th July 2022  //  News

2022 challenge

To be farmers is even harder today.We have been over this, but we gather it is important to point out how much work is behind any production. In this way we can appreciate even more quality and efforts of anyone of the team.

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