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23rd February 2021  //  News

We are expecting a dizzy rosé

Whilst you are full with child you walk on clouds and It’s easy (at least for the vine growers) to realize how it feels now we are looking forward to the arrival of our new rosé.

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15th December 2020  //  News

Dreaming of travelling 2021

We are trying to think of the next few weeks not as being stuck indoors, but as valuable time to dream and plan future travels. We are all keen for these lockdowns to be over and looking forward to a return of travel in 2021.

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2nd December 2020  //  News

Villa Saletta and Tarta Blu for children with autism

This Christmas we are happy to reconfirm the collaboration with Tarta Blu Association of Valdera and Valdicecina through which, thanks also to the precious help of all the people who will buy our products, we will help children with autism.

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