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13th September 2021  //  News

The harvest season is here

The most complex, essential and emotional activity started: the grape harvest. This year, because of the hot weather and drought, we must admit that we haven’t been always relaxed, but at the end we are more than satisfied of how things went.

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15th June 2021  //  News

Villa Saletta wines for signature dinners in some of the best Italian restaurants

Six dinners signed by great chefs to know and savour the labels of the Tuscan winery Villa Saletta.

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31st May 2021  //  News

Villa Saletta never stops between vineyards and agricultural activities

You snooze you lose (the one who hesitate is lost), and we know it very well at Villa Saletta where with 720 hectares of woods, plantations, agriculture, vineyards and olive groves, it is almost impossible to stop the activities even if only for a few days.

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