Once again we have to deal with climate change. Remembering the warm May 2003 we have to face a huge heating. Especially in the field the work is pretty hard!

The growth of vegetation is rushing faster and faster and it looks like July situation.

But having said that, let’s work harder in order to protect plants and preserve quality.


In the vineyards buds selection is at the end. Deep soil tillage is necessary as we can maintain soil moisture and softness.

With this climate condition temperatures increased enabling perfect flowering and setting of the berry. Quantity is a lot which means to ensure the nutrients are focused on the growing fruits, pick out any weaker as early as possible.


In the olive orchards, a great flowering is booming as well as in the poplars. For this big plants we are tilling soil. Same process as per vines. We need a proper monitoring of Lepidoptera, an insect greedy for the wood.

Therefore, let us be guardians of the groves.


Crops are growing healthy and lush and finally in woodlands we go on and on restoring buildings and roads after the cutting.


In the cellar we have blended 2019 vintage and been decanting wine from the barrels.

Each barrels is under a strict cleaning protocol in order to avoid microbiological issues.

This is needed to protect from contamination and to have clean wines.

We have bottled new 2021 still rosè: in our eyes it is just  terrific!

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