The weather of the past few weeks has certainly not been the easiest, with a partly scorching April also characterized by often substantial rainfall.


At last, however, everything seems to be in place with temperatures in the normal range and a beautiful sun kissing our vineyards.


In the vineyards we are proceeding with tillage and bud selection. We are also doing treatments and weed control and preparing the soils for new plantings in 2025.


With the end of the rains, we are finally preparing the soils for spring and summer planting and poplar pruning.


The first checks in the olive groves have begun: at this time the olive blossoms look very promising and anticipate a harvest that could be among the best ever so far.


The woods are growing lushly and we admire them in all their beauty. They are our green lung, without which our crops could never achieve the same quality they reserve for us every year.


In the winery we are preparing the new bottlings for the 2021 vintage. The work consists of tasting each individual batch, the relevant organoleptic and biochemical analyses, filtration, and the more creative part involving blends.


All work will be completed between June and July with bottling to be followed by a wait of at least two years before



The new wine cellar


The new wine cellar is taking more and more shape. So many ideas and immense the desire to see it finally finished. It will be a functional cellar but also extremely beautiful, able to accommodate all the best technologies and guests who want to taste our labels in a place where time seems to stand still, far from today’s stress and city chaos.

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