The olives harvest is about to finish.

Do you know that Olive groves are essential to the Mediterranean culture just like vineyards?

Though olive oil is still far from reaching the same importance, respect and attention of wine, Olive oil is the key ingredient in Tuscan cooking and it’s good for your health.


With the 2020 harvest, Villa Saletta’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil finally becomes BIO!

For us this is a great result and gesture of love for the environment.

The 2020 vintage turned out to be spectacular with good quantitative production and exceptional quality.

Soft green, delicate, slightly spicy. Fruity, with hints of black artichoke and almond.

Matchings between food and extra virgin olive oil are endless. We invite you to free your creativity in the kitchen, to experiment with your senses the combinations you prefer.

Fettunta, deep fried artichokes, Spaghetti aglio e olio e peperoncino, are just a few ideas.

Are you ready for our 2020 Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

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