This period is moreover full of activities. We are dealing with the selection of the buds, the so-called “green pruning”, but also with the setting of the breeding systems for our  new planting, of which we are particularly proud.

We are also proceeding with the burying of green manures, an operation aimed at improving the fertility of the soil, which will be so active, alive and rich in insects, symbols of a perfect and virtuous ecosystem, and therefore able to giving life to healthy and tasty grapes.

It is a rather chaotic moment for us because we must finish all the scheduled operations in a short time:  we cannot proceed with green manures and the selection  of buds must be set as quickly as possible. We have to run, but we are ready and used to it!

We have a lot to do also in agriculture: we are indeed proceeding with the sowing for the game reserve, so as to nourish the pheasant and to maintain the resident fauna within the estate, and also planting maize and sorghum in the fertile fields which are “thirsty” fields of new crops.

On the other hand, the winery experiences a moment of quiet in this period: decanting and filtration are completed and now we await the maturation of the wine to proceed with bottling.

Wine tastings and experiences start again and it makes us particularly happy.

After months of closure due to Covid, we can finally welcome back wine lovers to introduce them the new 2016 vintage of our red wines and our new rosé, a blend of all our varieties with a Provençal accent.

Among our wine experiences, wine lovers can find the Chianti Experience, the Villa Saletta Experience and the Riccardi Experience. Three paths to know the history of our estate and test our labels. For more information, please visit our website at the section “Visit the winery”.

And for those who want to enjoy more Villa Saletta estate, from June our three villas, Fagnana, Valle and Casolare, will be open for a relaxing stay and a full immersion into the purest nature. Have a look at our website at the section “Stay with us”

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