After two very difficult years from a climatic point of view, including rains and exasperating heat, this year we are finally experiencing a wonderful May and June to say the least. It has rained, yes, but not excessively, and the beautiful, never blazing sunshine, which warms our farm during the day, leaves our crops and their soil refreshed in the evening. If the weather continues to be so favorable it could be a great vintage indeed.



In the vineyard we have finished the bud selection that is needed to keep the quality standard high while deep tillage continues.


We are proceeding with trellising and removing the green parts that are not necessary for the growth of the berries.


In our many poplar groves, which are an integral part of the farm, pruning operations continue, while at the olive groves our workers administer the nutrients capable of growing strong, juicy drupes.



In the countryside we have planted the spring and summer sowings, namely sunflower and corn, and the honey crops that bees are so fond of.


In the winery, where we recently finished the blending of the 2021 vintage, we are decanting wine from the barrels.

A few days ago, on the other hand, we bottled the 2022 rosé, which, again this year, we can proudly say, is really good!




Work on the hamlet is going on, and the dream of seeing our seven-star resort come true is getting closer every day.

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