7th July 2022  //  News

2022 challenge

To be farmers is even harder today.We have been over this, but we gather it is important to point out how much work is behind any production. In this way we can appreciate even more quality and efforts of anyone of the team.

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3rd June 2022  //  News

Ride like the clappers!

Once again we have to deal with climate change. Remembering the warm May 2003 we have to face a huge heating. Especially in the field the work is pretty hard! The growth of vegetation is rushing faster and faster and it looks like July situation. But having said that, let’s work harder in order to protect plants and preserve quality.

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22nd April 2022  //  News

Anteprime Toscane and Vinitaly

Tasting wines around people, attending events and exhibitions…… lots of things taken as granted and unimaginable looking at the last two years.

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