Spring has been arriving and the rains are finally over.

In the vineyard everything is sprouting and the spectacle we can admire every day is amazing.

Looking forward to an high level quality  vintage!  We are preparing our vineyards for the most important phase of production.

We are working the sub-row.

In the meantime we are fervently awaiting the time when the shoots will be developed enough, so that we can make the selection.

All these operations  will affect qualitatively and quantitatively the production of the year.

About  the olive and poplar groves we are at the end of pruning.

Very nice to see it is  the seedlings:  we are continuing with the spring mellifers cultures.

Forest cutting is done and we are now looking forward to the next “sylvanian” season, a term which indicates the maintenance of the forest area in which the “old” gives space to the “new.”

In the winery it is time of bottling:  Rosato Toscana Igt, a blend of all the red grapes on the estate, Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.



Borgo Work in progress!

Work continues on the Borgo and we look forward to the project figuring out, creating a unique “seven” star resort.


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