Whilst you are full with child you walk on clouds and It’s easy (at least for the vine growers) to realize how it feels now we are looking forward to the arrival of our new rosé.

At Villa Saletta every wine is like a child and as in family there’s the favorite one, the one you have to argue with, the troublemaker, the one you always wanted and was so hard to achieve…

Our new “baby” is 100%  part of the last category: we desired it so strongly and finally it’s here or almost here. In fact, it will be on sale by April and it’s going to be on the right side of its brother, from which it takes its blend, it is essentially Tuscany style, with oxidation as a distinctive note.

The new rosé will detach from this trait and will speak another language. In fact, we wanted to look beyond the Alpes and take inspiration from the Provençal style of the French Rosé, with a soul made by elegance and freshness.

In the cellar we are still stablishing the wine, but the tasting make us proud of what we created day by day.

The colour is pale and delicate and the sip is intense. It’s able to give you freshness with finesse and composure. In a blind tasting it can look like a white wine, thanks to its powerful notes perfectly balanced with the soft notes and to its imperceptible tannins, that reminds a simply whisper.

“We are happy to create a contemporary wine that embraces a lively style, reducing oxidative notes typical of the Tuscan rosé.” It’s David Landini talking, our technical director and CEO.

“Compared to our other Rosé, with which it shares the blend ( Sangiovese 25%, Merlot 25%, Cabernet Sauvignon 25%, Cabernet Franc 25%) the vinification changes: the new technique avoids the oxygen, from the pressing to the bottling, with the aim to preserve the flavors. This gives life to the sip with a taste of sea and wind.”

5000 bottles are going to be produced and we like to think that, since falling in love with it will be predicted, lucky will be who will inebriate himself one time with it.


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